Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable

by Perfect Future

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released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Perfect Future Frostburg, Maryland

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Track Name: Irrational
What could be more worse than a squandered intellect that denies it's responsibility for stewardship? With sentience comes the knowledge to know what's right, and I don't know how we're supposed to show love when we've given up on life. Skin irritants and lethal doses forced onto creatures to create products. Ninety-four percent of animal tests are to produce cosmetics. There's an industry to provide corpses to every school for dissection to prove what we have always known. They die as we test as they die. Life's a search for the Isle of Dog... a place that's free from mar. Life's a search for the Isle of Dog. Cold. Sinking. Bitter. Choking. Dark.
Track Name: Malleable
Perhaps worst of all, they took words out of context. "Look on the saints; they're strong standing soldiers." They turned the Prince of Peace into a patriot that would have condemned the nephilim within each and every one of "our" enemies. Nothing is sacred enough to escape being made into a tool of the state.
Track Name: Inevitable
We're all children of sixty elements created in a furnace coalesced with finesse. Our bodies and all we've ever known was forged of ancient exploded suns. We're made of the same cosmos that make up all flora and fauna. Consider the magnificence of every accident that had to have occurred simply in order for you to exist in this room making sense of these tones. On a biological scale, this is a miracle. And so here we are... cognizant of our actions and understanding in our impacts. And so here we are... with profound responsibility but still slaves to impulse. And so here we are... each a wonder unto ourselves but too lonely to get out of bed. It doesn't have to get better. Nature's chaotic and regarding Earth quite ambivalent. It doesn't have to get better if were apathetic of existence. It doesn't always get better, which should make sense cause sometimes it can't get better than this. It doesn't always get better cause this is as good as it gets.