Self Titled

by Perfect Future

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Released in 2009 on Count Your Lucky Stars records.


released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Perfect Future Frostburg, Maryland

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Track Name: Behold
Behold! There is no discernible difference between the street lamps and the stars. Behold! In truth, I have forgotten whether the aging lights or the humming of the generators came first. Concrete, the great equalizer, covers the Earth, forcing each hill into the ground. Skyscrapers are proof that we exist. Is this our history? Cities built to decay and be cracked by tree roots? One day, I pray, the moss will eat away at all the highways.
Track Name: From Me To You
We never used to shift positions like this. We didn't have to talk, because we weren't afraid of silence. But now we have grown up; our hands no longer work (or fit together like they did). The narrative has broken down into incoherency. I probably should be used to friends growing out of me. But since I am not, I bound up all your letters, tied them up, and gave them back: a gift from me to you. There is no reason to point fingers because it will n ot change a thing. So goodbye, goodbye my friend. Lets not forget a thing. Goodbye. Goodbye. I will remember everything. Goodbye, goodbye.
Track Name: Make Fun
Within the haze made by enormous factories it seems so hard to breathe. No one smiles while their suffocating, but, then again, no one seems to smile anymore. So lets make sure that we promise to make fun. With so many fences to take apart, slow progress doesn't seem like a victory to me until I remember to make fun. Yeah... I promise to make fun. We will let our laughter do the fighting - our smiles are truth revealing that to be in on the comedy must be Babylon's worst enemy. Let's make fun. Please remember to make fun. I promise to make fun. Come on, everyone, let's make fun!
Track Name: Mother Earth
I never though I would be the one who spits on and tears up all the colorful tapestries that I've always loved. But if you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't, then I sure as hell will choose the lesser of two evils. I never meant to hurt anyone, especially those I love. Mother, forgive me. I know not what I do. Because I hurt you, I am too ashamed to say I'm your son.
Track Name: Father Time
Father, you always had such potential. You had the medicine to end disease, but with each gain you brought loss. For each balm you offered a bomb. Because you embody billions of squandered opprotunities, I am too ashamed to say I'm your son.
Track Name: If We Dance...
Show me an expression of love so we have a reason to celebrate. If we dance, let it be for joy and not escape from the many mountains that try to smother our flames in job security, productivity, and other abstract phrases designed to make us forget about the past that we have wasted, the present we endure, and the future we're told we can't obtain. And if we dance, let it be to ease the pain we always feel but stopped noticing. To try and wake us up, we must sing about love, because we can not seperate actions from our feelings about life.
Track Name: Colonization
I want to remember everything: every sycamore and evergreen. Every insect swept up in currents floating past plates of glass is a monument I didn't lament as I passed by. It seems so easy for me to remain under roofs and believe that cement and carpet have covered all the hills, and, even still, there is no place left for us. What a lie. Abandoned buildings are half as empty as the lives they have left behind. After settling on killing Able... where to from here? So here's another parking lot for a new McDonald's (that's three this town has got). And if your town doesn't look exactly like mine, just give it time. We'll cover the Earth with identical developments. Every suburban home with a tire swing, an above ground pool, and a picket fence. The "American Dream" made manifest. Civilization at it's best? Every island colonized, culture neutralized. They'll say everything worked out for the best in the end, but what will you say?
Track Name: Don't Be Fooled; Words Can Affect World View
I never thought that cliches could take on new meanings. But then, the other day, my best friend said, "All is fair in love and war." Somewhere, someone must believe that other people are worth more than the lies and pain that reduce everyone to collateral damage.
Track Name: Palate
Because the walls are not white washed and no one is rocked to sleep, I'll continue to speak about searing hairs and wet screams escaping the split necks from what may be the very next conscious species. When life becomes a resource, how am I supposed to believe that I'm not next? There is something significant in that we have the knowledge that we can destroy or prevent. Yet, (still) we have chosen to swallow the Earth.
Track Name: Roses & Roses & Roses
Why am I writing these words when I know you will never read them? I would destroy every rose if I thought it might help me forget you...
Track Name: In Hopes
With a pen held tight in the palm of my hand, I let ink spill like spit, in hopes of some sort of genius accidentally spilling out. But there are no words left in me. With a pick held loosely I strum strings (which produce notes I've already heard), in hopes of stumbling across the chords that brush past hearts to produce thoughts. But there are no chords left in me. So lets manufacture inspiration! It doesn't matter whether this is a routine. As long as you know that if all I have is you then I have all I need.
Track Name: Gerald Said, "I Believe in Redemption."
This song will not be the expression of hope that I need. The words will come off sounding forced at best and incoherent at worst. But it's got to count for something that at least I'm trying to give this idea a form. So even if it dies, it was first given a life.